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Dear Friend,

I just launched because I am fed up with Massachusetts liberalism.  I think it’s an outrage that Massachusetts is completely controlled by the Big Government Party.  While Barney Frank and his pals in DC have contributed to this financial crisis, the Democrats on Beacon Hill are raising taxes and implementing their left-wing ideology here at home.

Massachusetts can change.  In the ’80 and ’84 Presidential elections, Massachusetts voted FOR Ronald Reagan.   At the ballot box in 2000, Massachusetts voters said YES to lower taxes and in 2002 we said YES to English immersion.  In 2007, the radical left spent over $5 million to AVOID a statewide vote on marriage;  they rightly feared the voters of the Commonwealth would say YES to marriage as one man and one woman (if given the chance.)

The voters of Massachusetts are not extremely liberal on the issues but they continue to elect the same big government politicians.  These liberal politicians are sly – they will say one thing in their district, but vote a different way on Beacon Hill.

The Democrat Party in Massachusetts does not operate as an independent agent.  There are left-wing groups, unions, and other organizations across the state that assist and provide valuable support to Democrat candidates and causes. is giving you your chance to fight back and to join a growing movement of principled conservatives to advance our cause. The recent tea parties that are erupting across the country exemplify the growing demand for a strong conservative voice that is willing to take to the streets and work for our principles.  It’s not enough to be right on the issues, we must also be doing.



This is our scorecard:

D – conservative in Massachusetts.

C – conservative and voting.

B – conservative, voting, and donating.

A – conservative, voting, donating, and volunteering.

A+  conservative, and running for office.



First, check out our Offense Page which equips you with quality voter guides exposing the voting records of 8 Democrat State Representatives.  These voting guides are yours. encourages you to gather your friends to visit these districts for a few hours of canvassing to inform the voters about their liberal incumbent.  More liberal politicians will be added to the list in the near future and you can always request additional voter guides for other liberal Democrats.



The Resource Page will assist you in your mission to advance our conservative movement with:

Guide to Running for Office

Incumbents (with emails)

How to Host an Event

Sample Press Release

Election History Data

How to Raise Money

Guide to Blogging

2009 Candidates

Donation Limits

Donor Lists


You have limited time so be sure to spend it wisely.  You don’t have to recreate the wheel with your activism.  The Resource Page will continue to have new content and it’s a good way for you to understand the basics.  



You can get ready for summer with our Gear Page to declare your loyalty to the conservative movement.   Whether you are a traditionalist or a libertarian, the Gear Page has something for you.  We also made postcards for you to use to send “love notes” to liberal politicians that vote the wrong way.  

I hope you find to be useful in your activism.  You can always request items and guides to be added and we certainly welcome assistance with creating these materials.  You can email us at and I look forward to working with you to bring conservatism back!

To Victory,

Rob Willington

P.S. Please email your entire network about and encourage them to join, we also need to make a major push to recruit conservatives to run for office.

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