Earl Henry Sholley: “Good Riddance to Specter”

Here are some quotes from an op-ed by Earl Henry Sholley of Norfolk, recent & future candidate for Congress to face Rep. Barney Frank here in the 4th Congressional district.  The op-ed appeared in today’s edition of the Standard-Times.

I’m glad to see the local paper giving considerable ink & page space to one of our candidates.  Whether or not Mr. Sholley has a primary, I have no way of knowing, but good luck to whoever runs against Barney Frank.  I certainly appreciate anyone willing to put their time and treasure up against the uber-liberal incumbent!


I say good riddance to Sen. Arlen Specter, who just became a Democrat. He wasn’t a real Republican anyway. He was once a Democrat, and changed parties when he first ran for office.

I would note that Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat.  After all, Reagan said that “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party left me.”  

The Big Tent Republicans just don’t get it. They want to embrace anyone who breathes. They don’t care if it dilutes party principles or it weakens the party. They allow groups like the Log Cabin Republicans to call themselves Republicans when they get almost half of their funding from Democrats. Ever hear of a fifth-column movement?

I don’t know if you’d call me a “Big Tent” Republican but I understand the need to build a winning coalition when we’re only at about 12% of the registered voters. Indeed, winning over “lunch-pail Democrats” & independent unenrolled voters is crucial.  

We all know that I’m a pro-traditional marriage culture warrior type (to borrow Bill O’Reilly’s phrase) but I’m not comfortable with this reference & inference about Log Cabin Republicans even when I’m no where near joining their organization.


The Democrats embrace an ethos of more government, more taxes and more intrusion into our lives. Too many elitist Republicans want to go along with them. Republicans win when they adhere to principles, promote good ideas, offer common-sense solutions to problems, organize the grass roots and attract independents and even lunch-pail Democrats to vote for them.

I can find much to disagree with in this quote.

A vibrant GOP should always go with principle and the party platform. Going with seniority, political expediency and professional career politicians has weakened the Grand Old Party.



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