Doing the impossible!

It is almost impossible to imagine how the Governor could actually look good on an ethics issue (Marian Walsh!!), but compared to the Senate he is looking like Abe Lincoln. From

Patrick threatens ethics veto if panel neutered

By Glen Johnson, AP Political Writer  |  May 15, 2009

BOSTON –Gov. Deval Patrick says he will veto a legislative ethics bill if it shifts enforcement away from the State Ethics Commission.

He also says he wants the Senate to do better than keep a policy that former Sen. Dianne Wilkerson used to justify accepting cash gifts from political supporters.

The Senate passed its measure Thursday, following up on legislation previously passed by the House.

The governor summoned reporters to his office Friday for a roundtable discussion during which he said the House bill is closer to his liking.

It would retain the Ethics Commission, which the governor says is the right venue for hearing complaints.

As for the Senate, one wonders if the names Marzilli, Walsh, and Wilkerson ring a bell.  

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