Democrat Party Keeping Down African-Americans?!

Here is a letter to the editor from a African-American activist from New Bedford who is also a registered Republican.  The writer has long been an advocate for African-Americans, be it in print or on the radio, here in the SouthCoast and well, here is his opinion on the state of Massachusetts politics.…

Locally, we see the Democratic Party once again leading people of color down the same old worn path of being undereducated, underemployed, underdeveloped, and overincarcerated. The Democratic Party theme repeats itself, whether in New York City or New Bedford, or choose any other Democratic stronghold (plantation) for that matter; the results are invariably the same.

We can change this cycle of dependency by breaking the chains of political bondage to the Democratic Party and giving our children and our grandchildren an opportunity to say, in the words of Rev. Martin Luther King, “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”…

If this topic & his opinion interests you, either pro or con, then I suggest you check out the rest of his letter to the editor in today’s edition of the Standard-Times.

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  • the Democrats’ worst nightmare is a black person that is educated, employed at a job/career that one can live a life on, not in need of the Democrats’ social programs.

    Can’t go lettin’ ’em off the plantation now…..give ’em JUST enough to survive, but in need of the programs that do nothing but keep them there.

  • demredsox

    Educated African-Americans are hated by Democrats. They would never allow, say, a Harvard-educated, wealthy African-American to become at all prominent. And I’m sure that the fact that all 42 African-Americans in Congress happen to be Democrats is just a wacky coincidence.

  • The perception that the DEMS are advocates for minorities is the biggest screw job in the history of this country.  The DEMS fought for slavery, segregation, tried to block the civil right amendment.  LBJ thought MLK’s message was just a bunch of troublemakers.  The DEMS have been better at outreach and giving the more “stuff” and promises of future stuff.  If I were close to poverty and someone promised to get me something as opposed to the opportunity to get something….which way do you think I’d vote?  Especially if I perceived (whether true or not) the the system was inherently rigged against me simply because of race/ethnicity.

    They see REPUBS as a bunch a fat old white men who have no clue what it’s like to “be them”.  DL Hugely said it all when he said “There has be nothing inviting about the republican party to me” one night with Larry King.

    The DEMS have always been on the wrong side of history with minorities.  They dismiss Michael Steele like he is a freak of nature.  They talk a good game but this non-sense of “leveling the playing field” is just that…nonsense.