Democracy can be a real hastle.

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An Op-Ed in today’s Globe penned by Sonia Chang-Diaz and Jamie Eldridge makes the case that increasing the state income tax is the option of choice. No kidding! The Op-Ed piece can be found at:

Boston Globe

My questions to Ms. Chang-Diaz and Mr. Eldridge are the following.

What ever happened to the taxpayer approved rollback of the state income tax to 5%?

Where are the ethics and pension reforms?

Why should this taxpayer trust the party of Wilkerson and Marzilli with additional funding?

And finally…Where does it all end? How much money is enough and where are the ethics and pension reforms that are necessary given the never ending drip, drip, drip of disgusting and perverted ethics and pension abuse stories that makes even The Boston Globe and Deval Patrick uncomfortable?

Ms. Diaz-Chang and Mr. Eldridge:

My guess is that you have NO idea how disgusted the average taxpayer is with your new friends on Beacon Hill. Before you talk about new taxes, cut the waste and fraud, fire the hacks, and make at least a half assed attempt at finding efficiencies in state government. Then we can talk, but answer the questions before you ask for more from me and the millions of us that think you and your new friends look at us as a bunch of damn fools.


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