Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I appreciated Mr. Brodsky’s  column in today’s NY Post (‘Torture’ regrets cheer our enemies 05/01/09). I find myself becoming increasingly upset by these self-hating, self-flagellating Americans, who are resistant to standing up for the rights of our own people . I was a fireman on 9/11, while there I saw our fellow citizens horribly burned to death, as others jumped from the upper floors of Number 1 WTC. Those doomed people were fully aware of their fate when they slammed into the pavement directly in front of me.

My chest was crushed in the collapse of #2 WTC and the doctors had to hold me down as they cut me open while I was wide awake. If they think waterboarding is torture, they should try having their chest cracked while fully conscious; I haven’t had a pain free day since then {never mind the memories}. While I was on the gurney in St. Vincent’s ER, EMS brought in a poor fellow who was burned over 100% of his body, and screaming like a banshee. If he had survived I don’t think he’d disapprove of waterboarding if it would prevent another attack.

What outrages me most is the “selective” outrage. No one complains when Americans are tortured and murdered. Have we forgotten the beheading of Daniel Pearl, or the sight of the bodies of our Army Rangers dragged naked through the streets of Mogadishu, to the cheers of people they were sent to help? President Obama considers “waterboarding” torture, but he never seems to mention the bombing of the US African embassies, or other atrocities committed against Americans. How much would you care to wager that our troops will be tortured and murdered because of what our president has done? I think it’s about time we memory challenged Americans recalled that slogan, “Don’t Tread On Me!”


Robert Reeg

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