Beacon Hill Pols Maintain “a Veil of Secrecy” Over Staffer Pay

More than three-quarters of Beacon Hill lawmakers – including the House speaker and Senate president – threw up “a veil of secrecy” when pressed for the size and salaries of their taxpayer-paid staff, even as they are muscling through wallet-crippling tax hikes.

For nearly two months, some 155 of 200 House and Senate lawmakers have stonewalled a Herald request for a list of their staff and salaries – public information that should be readily available upon request.…

Thank you Republican Rep. Brad Jones for being full & transparent to the taxpaying public!

House Minority Leader Rep. Bradley H. Jones (R-North Reading) had the largest staff among those who responded to the Herald’s request, employing 17 staffers for a total payroll of roughly $650,000. Jones, who also released the staff and payroll for all House Republicans, blasted his colleagues’ “veil of secrecy.”

“There is a lack of transparency,” Jones said. “In my opinion, it’s public information . . . but you practically have to waterboard someone to get it.”…

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