Andover Teacher Can Has Writes Good

“Andover teachers are not paid well because of the evil multinational corporations that control 25% of the world’s wealth while only making up 5% of it and this is because we blamed the public sector for far too long and tax cuts and this is what an abusive relationship is like and rich people have too much money because of tax cuts for the wealthy and stagnant wages and this hurts teachers and we’re so screwed and everybody is hurting and you can afford a tax increase even though you’re broke and…”


Some teacher from Andover High School wrote this piece of garbage demanding voters pass a Prop 2 ½ override so he can get a goddamn raise. Everyone in Andover should vote against this override because this asshole cannot write. Enough with the sob story about how YOU need a raise. What about the rest of the taxpayers who are struggling to make ends meet? This line of “we’re not paid enough, no one appreciates us” from the government employee unions never ends. This guy cannot even formulate the line properly. If you’re going to make a case for higher property taxes do not bring up corporations and wealth inequality. Talk about how budgets will impact the art programs or field hockey. Talk about how losing teachers will result in children growing and not knowing how to form a decent paragraph.

I want to shove a pencil in my eye.  

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