And the Hack Train Goes Rolling Along

(with all due respect to our Army vets)

For it’s hi! hi! hee!

In the field hackery,

Shout out your salary loud and strong,

And where e’er you go,

You will always know

That the Hack Train goes rolling along.

Yet another nationwide search at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.  The Boston Herald is reporting that Tim Murray’s right hand mand, former State Representative, and brother of Dennis Leary, Jim Leary is getting a $104,000 job at UMASS Medical.  Sweet what a pension booster that is.  You see, Jim might be out of a job come January of 2011 but this way he keeps padding that pension!!!!  Yee haw!!!

Leary, who begins his new job next month as associate vice chancellor of community affairs, will be paid $104,000, the same salary he’s now making as Murray’s right-hand man on Beacon Hill.

The new job was posted and received a total of 38 applications, said a UMass spokesman, adding that Leary, a Worcester native and cousin of comedian Denis Leary, had an “interesting background” in law, politics and government that qualified him for the position.

But Barbara Anderson, executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation, expressed frustration that UMass was hiring a well-connected ex-lawmaker for a new community affairs job at a time when state finances are tanking.

Together we can screw the taxpayers!

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