America Haters Unite..Cheney v. Obama

So who won the war of words? Before you answer the question, take the time and read Dick Cheney’s national security speech of yesterday. It is compelling, comprehensive, and unapologetic. It is also long, but do read it. When you are done reading the speech, consider for a moment how different Obama’s position is on all issues addressed in the speech today vs. January. In other words, has Obama decided that it is more difficult governing the country vs. running for the office?

The speech is at:…

Then go to the popular kid’s blog and read the entry about Noam Chomsky, an unapologetic hater of the country that he calls home.

That entry is at:…

Why the Chomsky entry? It just shows you how far apart the left and right are at this point in our history.

Thanks to those that have served our country and enjoy Memorial Day.  

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