A Piece of GOOD News!

Taylor White has been elected Town Clerk in Sandwich after a grueling race.

Why grueling?  Because…he’s a REPUBLICAN!  He works for JEFF PERRY!  He will DESTROY the census and voting records to serve Dick Cheney, his master!

Think I’m exaggerating?  Read these links.

EVIL GOP – btw – for what it’s worth, his opponent and incumbent clerk, who raised the issue of GOP donations…IS A REGISTERED REPUBLICAN!  NOWHERE in the news story is that fact mentioned!


And please, pay special attention to the HUNDREDS of commetns!

Yes, in spite of being tied to mass torture, which he would doubtless introduce in Sandwich Town Hall – Taylor White is the new Town Clerk!

(So please – don’t blow off municipal elections – you have no idea how hard these people have to work, and they need our help.  Next – Kuzman for Planning Board!  Tolley for Selectman!  and on and on…)

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