$5 for the Sunday edition of the Boston Globe?

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Boston Globe Publisher Steve Ainsley has announced that the price of home delivery for the Boston Globe is going up, up, up.  He writes:

“lend us increased financial support to help ensure that we can continue to publish meaningful and original reporting every day.”

Truthfully, I wasn’t aware that the BG had ever started publishing meaningful and original reporting.  Oh well, that aside the prices are going up significantly.  In greater Boston the price will jump 50 cents per day for the weekday edition.  Suburban readers will pay 75 cents more for the weekday edition and $5 for the Sunday edition.

In the meantime, workers at the BG are being asked to increase their workweek by 2.5 hours; take a pay cut of 5 percent, and the readers get to pay more.  Why didn’t they just file bankruptcy?

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