Super Troopers: Overtime on Tickets

Fair warning here, this is not technically a “new” story, but it was certainly news to me.  Massachusetts State Troppers get 1.5 hours of overtime on their time cards for writing tickets.  This policy can add 50% to their pay and double it on holidays.  The article does not mention the effect on pensions.…

Anecdotally I have noticed the cops being out in force over recent years.  Someone I know was recently pulled over for going 72 MPH on 495.


The purpose of traffic laws are to maintain public safety.  I don’t want drunken crazy people weaving in and out of traffic at 100 MPH.  The police are there to stop these people and punishment serves as deterrent to others.

Now public safety has less to do with it.  The Government wants to harass us not for public safety, but just to take our money.

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