Stop The Tax Hikes! Not A Penny More!

The big government advocates over at One Massachusetts are organizing a “virtual rally” for higher taxes and more government spending.

RMG would like to see a counter “virtual rally” from our community.

Almost everyday we hear a story about how state and local government are raking taxpayers over the coals. It’s waste at the MBTA, patronage in the legislature, corruption at the MassPike, no accountability at MassPort, disrespect at the Registry…I could go on forever.

Instead of reforming or eliminating wasteful government spending our elected officials are considering outrageous tax and fee hikes on hard working families throughout the Commonwealth.

This approach to solving a budget crisis is wrong. Our legislators should take advantage of this opportunity to finally cut real waste from the budget, eliminate useless programs and – dare I say – entire agencies like the MassPike.

It’s time to take action!

1. Contact your legislators this week and let them know how you feel: You don’t want to pay ONE PENNY MORE to Beacon Hill or City Hall. Tell them that you’re struggling as it is and big government taking more of your hard earned dollars isn’t going to help.

No Gas Tax Hike.

No Sales Tax Hike.

No Income Tax Hike.

No Tax Hikes Period.

2. Alert your friends on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Email, text, or call your friends and ask them to join you in opposing ANY tax increases. Try to recruit 5 people to do this. Ask them about their government horror stories: bad ride on the MBTA? Shoddy service at the Registry?   Disgusted with greedy government employee unions?

3. Tweet about your experiences with big government on twitter. Tell your followers and us what you’re going to do to stop tax increases. Use the hashtag #MassTaxpayer

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