STOP IT! ALL of you. And here is some advice.

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And I do mean ALL.


While you are all fighting, Democrats, are winning Selectman and School Committee races in towns across Massachusetts this Spring.

While you are defending yourselves and spinning, LIBERAL Democrats are getting elected to local offices which will allow them to build credibility for their campaigns for State Rep and State Senate in the future.


Over all, there needs to be a weekly meeting, just for everyone to be on the same page. There is a saying, “Caesar never ate alone.” This spoke to his willingness to make sure everyone had a seat at the table by taking the metaphor literally.

Advice for the Party, organize a Conservative Messaging Training Day. Empowering all in the big tent doesn’t mean having a first among them. Basically, make sure everyone has a fishing rod, not a fish.

Call the NRA, Right to Life, Mass Citizens for Marriage, etc. They will most likely each send speakers for free to talk on effectively communicating their positions to the masses. While doing this WILL NOT endorse their positions by the Party and alienate moderates, it will help Conservatives be more effective as Republicans within the Republican Party. The same thing can be done for moderates within the Party down the road to show that we are a “Big Tent.” Helping Republicans be effective as they chose to be Republicans is big tent.

Advice for those who feel Marginalized, be effective within your circles.  

There are some awesome candidates out there who are super conservative. Olly deMacedo, for instance, has an election for Town Moderator this Saturday in Kingston ( to help). No one I know denies he is a solid conservative. Also, you have had conservative victories in the past. Kevin Kuros, a solid conservative, came 2% or 3% from beating an INCUMBENT!!!!    They excel because they worked hard because a work ethic is a product of conservative values. Don’t be afraid of that. Your voice is heard better by demonstrating how your actions have achieved victories.

For the other factions, all I can suggest is, remember that we all lead by example. If we are always seen attacking each other (because perception is reality) then that is the example we are setting. Is it any wonder why so many of the new Republicans under 25 years old reject the current political system?

Final thought. 36 posts in 27 days responding to the thread “Republicans Running for Selectmen”

                    221 posts in 6 days attacking defending, etc etc etc.


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