Social Conservatism is Dead!

Now since Social Conservatism is dead, maybe the Republicans will be able to come back and start winning in Massachusetts and New England.  That’s right! Let the social conservatives leave the party and try to create their own party.  They’ll fail!  We don’t need their exclusiveness.  There are many more pro-gay right supporters and pro-choice supporters in New England.  Now the Republicans will be able to become who they should be: a true alternative to the Corrupt Democratic Party.  Progressives, Moderates, Liberals, and Libertarians are looking for a new choice and that choice as it has be shown to all of us this week is that the MassGOP has now evolved into the Pro-Choice and Pro-Gay Marriage Republican Party of Massachusetts.  Social Conservatism is dead, Rockefeller has risen from the dead!  Being a Pro-Choice/Pro-Gay Marriage Republican is being part of the Republican Wing of the Republican Party!  Teddy Roosevelt is alive!

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