Senate To Consider Turning Over Parenting To UN

If nothing else about the agenda of the far left has scared you, this should.  The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child will in effect, turn the rights of every parent in this country to raise their children as they see fit, over to the United Nations.      Steve Foley at The Minority Report provided these details about the treaty:    

Parents would no longer be able to administer reasonable spankings to their children.      

A murderer aged 17 years, 11 months and 29 days at the time of his crime could no longer be sentenced to life in prison.      

Children would have the ability to choose their own religion while parents would only have the authority to give their children advice about religion.    

The best interest of the child principle would give the government the ability to override every decision made by every parent if a government worker disagreed with the parent’s decision.      

A child’s “right to be heard” would allow him (or her) to seek governmental review of every parental decision with which the child disagreed.      

According to existing interpretation, it would be illegal for a nation to spend more on national defense than it does on children’s welfare.      

Children would acquire a legally enforceable right to leisure.      

Teaching children about Christianity in schools has been held to be out of compliance with the CRC.      

Allowing parents to opt their children out of sex education has been held to be out of compliance with the CRC.      

Children would have the right to reproductive health information and services, including abortions, without parental knowledge or consent.

  Republicans on Capitol Hill have already drafted Constitutional amendments to override the treaty if necessary.

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