MassGOP and Social Issues

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I still haven’t gotten the hang of posting to Yahoo group threads, so I thought I’d pull a recent topic over here.

There’s been discussion about Jennifer Nassour’s interview in Bay Windows and what that means about the MassGOP’s support for social issues. I won’t name names unless the participating parties want to raise their hands, but the following was suggested:

Therefore, let me suggest a possible course of action to my colleagues. We may or may not wish to go down this road but let me simply toss it out there. Would any of my State Committee colleagues be interested in or willing to offer a motion from the floor at June’s State Committee meeting that read something similar to the following:

“We, the members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee do hereby declare that socially conservative principles are held to an equal importance within our party as are the ideals of fiscal conservatism, limited government, and good governance.”

The State Committee Issues Committee has been working on a “Contract with Massachusetts.” Several of the points related to the MassGOP being the home for pro-family, pro-life issues. Unfortunately, the work of the Issues Committee has been tabled in favor of work on the 2010 Convention Platform. I just found out that the 2010 Platform contains no reference to anything related to social issues.

I find this completely unacceptable. So I’m thinking the above recommended motion is looking like a great idea.

Your thoughts?

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