Limping into the SouthCoast: Politically Damaged Gov. Deval Patrick

Imagine my surprise when I read this article in today’s Standard-Times by a self-professed liberal reporter.…

How can it be that Deval Patrick was so good at running his gubernatorial campaign but is so bad at running the state?

Almost since Day 1, Patrick has stepped into one avoidable political mine field after another.

And now he’s reached the point where at least one poll is actually showing Treasurer Tim Cahill would defeat him in a Democratic primary, and also that Cahill has more money in his campaign fund: $502,000 to $429,000.

That doesn’t mean Tim Cahill or Bill Galvin or even Charlie Baker will successfully wrest his governorship from him next year. But it does mean that all of Patrick’s promise to be a reform governor, to be a governor who would change the business-as-usual way that this one-party state has long operated, has already gone by the wayside.…

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