Ken Pittman: “Ignorance and arrogance take on the Catholic church”

I was outraged by the original opinion piece by Standard-Times columnist Susan Pawlak-Seaman but utterly outraged by editor emeritus, Ken Hartnett.

As such, this Catholic belives that Ken Pittman hit a bullseye with this blog post.  For the sake of full disclosure, I have never met Fr. Gregory Mathias, pastor of St. Julie’s, as I attend mass at another Catholic Church in Dartmout, St. Mary’s.  

We had a little religious discussion the other day over Notre Dame & President Obama so if that sort of thing interests you then check out the entire blog post by Ken Pittman over at…

Roman Catholic: A baptized Christian in full communion (agreement) with the bishop of Rome (Pope) on matters of faith and morals.

On March 20th of this year, the New Bedford Standard Times columnist Susan Pawlak-Seaman chose to publicly write about her perspective of spirituality. She claims in her column that “being Catholic is and always has been so much a part of me”. Shortly before that quote she acknowledged that she stopped going to church eighteen years ago and went on to boast how she was ‘righteously’ pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.

One of the star young leaders of the Southcoast’s clergy is the conservative Roman Catholic priest Fr. Gregory Mathias who is the pastor of St. Julie’s on Slocum Road in North Dartmouth. Father Greg is a former merchant marine and very much an engaged contemporary with extraordinary ability to show his parishioners how ancient scripture found in the Holy Bible transcends the generations and applies to today’s life. He is funny, thoughtful, intelligent and quite devoted to Christ. We are lucky to have him.…

Enter Ken Hartnett (and probably with the philosophy of his better half)  

Hartnett is a good example of the hatred which the elitist liberals have for the Roman Catholic Church. These folks believe that the canvas should dictate to the artist. The collective wisdom of the mood of the moment should decide what is right and wrong and not this “inconvenient church and their god”. Sure they show up on Sundays and make sure they’re seen in the pews.…

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  • Festus Garvey

    …that they ascribe to so-called “cafeteria Catholics”?  For example, canonizing Saints was a 100 plus (and often more) year process until John Paul changed the process so that more Saints could be canonized much faster to appeal to Catholics in Latin American and elsewhere.  Of course my favorite was a couple of years ago when the Boston Archdiocese waved the “no meat on Friday’s during Lent” when St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Friday and folks needed their corn-beef.

    I realized at a very early age that the Church could change rules as they saw fit about what was a sin was and what wasn’t.  It was the first of many cracks that lead me away from the Church.  I was taught that the communion host, once blessed (yes, consecrated…whatever) could not be touched by anyone but a Priest or it was a sin.  But that changed and as I child I took note.  

    Another example of the inconsistent actions of the Church is its selective enforcement of the “pro-life” culture.  There are many examples of the Church condemning (and denying communion for) politicians and prominent Catholics who support abortion.  But I’m not aware of the same treatment for Catholics that advocate the death penalty.  And I’d be curious what Ken’s position (and Brock’s) is regarding the death penalty or providing sanctuary within the Church for such populations as illegal immigrants?  For that matter, Catholics who are occupying churches that the Church wants to close are as guilty of breaking the Laws of the Church as those that you criticize.  Why aren’t you condemning them…?  

    My point is there are a lot of Catholic teachings that “conservatives” oppose, yet are not criticized for opposing the Church.  But liberals who oppose different Church Doctrine are labeled “ignorant and arrogant”.