It’s Over

Took long enough, but Vermont has decided to cast its lot on the side of common sense and toe make gay marriage legal. This is INFINITELY more significant than the MA decision. No whining from the right about legislating from the bench and overturning the will of the people.

I’m thrilled. I’m not a big fan of Obama, but seeing so many white folks whose parents who would been aghast at the thought of electing a black man to the Presidency voting for him spoke so well of our country–imagine this happening in Britain, Ireland, Italy, or France? (Actually, lotsa props to GWB for really opening that door with several of his appointments–for all his faults, I felt he was among the most color-blind leaders we’ve ever had). Now this.

We can take some degree of pride here in MA. A few years following the legalization of bay marriage, and nothing changed. The republic didn’t collapse as a result. My own marriage remained just as sancrosanct, and I truly hope that none of you felt that yours was in any cheapened; if you’d attended some of the gay marriages I did, I can guarantee you would not have.

Congratulations to the people of Vermont–and to DC as well. The war is pretty much over; it’s going to be a mop-up operation now.  


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