Globe Union Fail

Awww look The Boston Newspaper Guild created this website to promote the preservation of their beloved place of employment. Isn’t it pretty?

Hmmmm, I wonder what they have for photos from their rally…**Clicks on Gallery**

“Coming Soon”

Ok…what about future events? **Clicks on Calendar**

“Coming soon”

Uh? Updates from the union? **Clicks on News**

“Coming soon”

Ah…Press Releases? **Clicks on Press**

“Coming soon”

Of course, it would help if the link to this site on their main page actually worked! Your place of employment is about to go under and you haven’t updated your website that is dedicated to saving it EVER!

PS. Stop calling me to renew my subscription. I am not giving you any money until you get your house in order.

My current subscription is enough, thanks.


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