Frustrated in Quincy

I am new to the state and moved here from New Jersey where I was an active member of my state GOP (as a lowly volunteer) and worked on several races in the Garden State. I moved to Quincy four months ago and have been reading all this terrible news about tax increases and corruption on behalf of the Democrats and wanted to get involved. I called the Mass GOP, HQ (who I might add were great) and was told to call my Republican State Committee person in that area Mark Sisk.

I called him at least three times and after two weeks he finally returned my phone call. After I introduced myself he hastily told me that there really isn’t anything to get involved in right now and that the Governors race was where I should focus my attention. He mentioned that (we) would be supporting a Charles Baker and that he would be calling me for phone banking, door knocking and being on some slate for the convention??? I just called to see if there was a local race to help out on!

I wanted to say that I thought this chap was a little presumption thinking that I would support someone before they were an announced candidate and I came to find out that there may be a Mr. Mihos in the race. I assume that they still have primary here in Mass?

Sorry to vent to this crowd but I am looking to get involved! I am sorry if I am getting this man in trouble but he reminded me of something out of Tammany Hall!

Frustrated in Quincy

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