Don’t talk to teh gheys or else!

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So let’s recap the last few days:

– The toll takers on the MassPike all mysteriously called in sick and created a mess on the highway.

– MBTA said, “Shit, dude, we ain’t got no money for beer.”

Governor Patrick is gonna fire some government workers.

– Tim for Treasurer is gettin’ a free defense courtesy of taxpayers.

Josh Beckett suspended for six games for a “bench clearing incident.”

And what are we talking about on Red Mass Group? Jennifer Nassour, Bay Windows and gay marriage.

Are you serious?  

Is this all there is to talk about? Ok, well this and gay-Muslim-socialist pirates in Somalia. Our country is going down a statist toilet and it seems all anyone wants to talk about is an interview with a gay newspaper and things that occurred at an off-the-record meeting.  

While I was golfing this weekend in Florida I received a few emails from conservative and libertarian activists about Friday Morning Group and Nassour’s interview with that icky-icky-eww-eww gay newspaper Bay Windows. I tried to not let it interrupt my putting but with my BlackBerry permanently fused into my palm I couldn’t help but read some of the bat-shit-insane stuff I received.

One of the better pieces of crazy was published by Bob Montgomery, a blogger at WickedLocal and a former GOP candidate for state rep.

Days before the April 10 FMG (Friday Morning Group) fiscal conservative think tank meeting headed by Chip Faulkner of Citizens for Limited Taxation (CLT), someone circulated the Bay Windows article to a number of traditional-family-oriented conservative Republicans, Independents and Democrats. It was probably to advise them about her views and the direction that the MassGOP would take during her reign.

Evidently, the news didn’t seat too well with a number of people. According to Nassour, the FMG’s guest speaker of the day, she received a number of dark emails and other messages advising her where to go and how to get there in a hurry. She soon found that some have no tolerance for her ideas.

First, Friday Morning Group is an off-the-record meeting and that means YOU DON’T FUCKING PUBLISH WHAT WENT ON AT THE MEETING.

Second, I thought that it was “teh gheys” that used intimidation and threats to ram their “evil-communist-radical-homosexual agenda” down our…well you know.  I didn’t think “traditional-family” activists could act in such a way. Aren’t they always high atop the moral high-ground looking down at us heathen sinnin’ folk who only care about taxes?

Anyway, this “blogger” goes out of his way to point out that current MBTA honcho and former Republican candidate for treasurer Dan Grabuaskas is “a ghey.” Oh, but there’s more he says! Jennifer Nassour was his campaign treasurer. Nassour worked with “a ghey!” Eww!! Eww!

(Worth noting that the article doesn’t mention that she has raised a substantial amount of money in a very short period.)

Most of the stuff I received was mild compared to the drivel from the completely out-to-lunch group of activists known, cutely, as MassResistance.

Newly elected Republican Party Chair Jennifer Nassour has wasted no time making it clear where she wants the party to go. Last week, in a front-page interview with the hardcore homosexual newspaper Bay Windows, she told the homosexual community that they didn’t need to worry about the Republican party opposing them on “social issues” or “the culture wars.”

If you’re a “family values” organization do you really want to use the term “hardcore homosexual” in a sentence? Another thing, what’s with the constant use of “homosexual” instead of gay? Are you still trying to demonize them as if they’re subhumans?

Under Mitt Romney, the party strenuously avoided social issues, particularly the homosexual “marriage” issue, even though that was the hottest issue of the day.

Whoa, wait a minute? Mitt Romney avoided social issues like dudes marrying dudes? What drugs are you on, son? I want me some of that.

In the latest email from MassResistance they piss and moan about how the Tea Party planned for today doesn’t touch on social issues. Uh, maybe that is because it is a rally about fiscal issues? MassResistance mentions that they offered to speak about some small obscure state program that is going to turn children into fierce gay fashion designers.

The Tea Party organizers declined their offer.

Happy Teabagging everyone!  

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