Did you “Wake Up Canadian” yesterday?

As some of our readers who’ve been with us a while know. I am a first generation American citizen, the son of an Acadian immigrant from Kent County in the Province of New Brunswick.  By a quirk in Canadian law my brothers were dual citizens with Canada, and I was unable to obtain Canadian citizenship.  The law prior to yesterday stated that anyone born after 1947 but before 1977 in a country other than Canada to a Canadian born citizen was not automatically a Canadian citizen, but multiple generations of people born after 1977 were able to claim Canadian Citizenship in basically perpetuity.  

This came to a head last year when the Canadian government was responsible for evacuating scores of Canadian citizens who were the descendants of lebanese immigrants that moved back to Lebanon after a generation.  Those citizens had never once lived in Canada or even visited.  This caused the Conservative government of Stephen Harper to look at the citizenship law for its first major revision since 1977.  

The law now stands that any person born to a Canadian born Canadian citizen anywhere in the world holds Canadian Citizenship retroactive to the day of their birth.  The Government of Canada produced the following YouTube video to get the word out.


I write this because many of the residents of Massachusetts given our strong ties with the Maritime provinces may be affected by this new law.  So who knows you like me, may have woken up yesterday Canadian.

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  • have to be, 1.) the dual-language calender (like anyone has those) and 2.) the strategically placed fleur de lis around the room once he ‘becomes” Canadian.

    Because you can’t be Canadian unless you suck up to and coddle the Quebecois!

  • Festus Garvey

    …you can get it free…certainly you wouldn’t suggest that Canadians have anything infoerior to the US?

    Seriously, does this mean you get to vote in their elections?