Deval Patrick’s Hackarama Gravy Train CONTINUES!

(But government workers do good work. Not all of them are hacks, so say the cool kids – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

Gov. Deval Patrick has been taking a beating for steering a string of cronies into government gigs.

But an agency headed by a Patrick pal, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, has been quietly building an army of six-figure civil servants.

EOEA secretary Ian Bowles, who’s known around the Golden Dome as Patrick’s squash partner, has padded his payroll with 10 workers making $100,000-plus and another 10 making $90,000-plus. That’s double the six-figure earners in the gov’s own office.

Plus Bowles makes $150,000, which is more than Attorney General Martha Coakley ($133,000) and Treasurer Tim Cahill ($130,000).…

The article, Deval Patrick’s Green Team on gravy train lists the names and salaries of those alleged hacks making 6-figures.

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