BREAKING: Bill Ayers to Appear on Greater Boston with Emily Rooney

While in the Boston area to go to Brandeis tomorrow morning, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers will go to the WGBH studios in Brighton to tape an appear on Greater Boston with Emily Rooney.  The filming location is at One Guest Street in Brighton, mere miles from where the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers Terrorist Organization, murdered Officer Walter A. Schroeder of the Boston Police Department.

There are a few things you can do.  First if you are a donor to WGBH call them and tell them you will not renew your membership this year if William Ayers appears as planned on WGBH.  If you are not a WGBH member let any police officers you personally know of the appearance.  Greater Boston usually tapes around 2-4 pm.

Also earlier in the day Michelle McPhee is hosting an anti Ayers rally in Waltham at Brandeis University starting at 7:45 am.

Stand up against terrorism do SOMETHING to show Bill Ayers he is not welcome in Boston.

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