Will Obama bill the war dead?

You wonder how far Obama, the commander in chief, will go to further his presidency on the backs of US servicemen and veterans.

Is it a stretch to now assume that the federal government will be sending a bill for services rendered, to the wounded and fallen for “emergency medical services”,

for wounds incurred within theatre? In the event of death of the servicemember will Obama and company bill next of kin for repatriation of remains,  mortuary fees,

a coffin and flag fee?  Will our fallen heroes now  be charged for funeral and plot expenses for traditional graveside honors? Obama and the democratic party apparently

feel as though service members are not assuming their part of the financial burden that all Americans  are now suffering.Well most Americans, excepting those Americans sitting in congress.

Apparently congress and the present individual domeciled in the White House feel as though the veterans that have given all ————-haven’t given enough.

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