Who ya gonna call? MassGOP Pork-busters!!!

When Gov. Deval Patrick brings home billions in federal stimulus bacon, two Republican lawmakers will be counting on government-fatigued taxpayers to be “pork busters,” dropping dimes on napping hacks and boondoggles run amok.

Tomorrow at the State House, Knapik and Republican Rep. Vinny deMacedo, 43, of Plymouth will be putting would-be stimulus money pigs on notice by announcing an e-mail “hotline” for the public to report to them – by word or photograph – any perceived abuses or wasting of the funds. Such as: workers sleeping on the job, projects dragging out for no good reason, or expenditures that seem plain absurd.

“This is the call to arms to 6.4 million pork-busters and watchdogs,” Knapik said of the state’s population. “Questionable spending is in the eye of the beholder, but you will know the boondoggle when you see it. You will know the pork when you see it.”

Knapik said tips received, anonymous or not, will be passed along to the proper authorities, including the inspector general’s office.


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  •      Knapik & deMacedo were both on Fox News Channel just a few minutes ago for a segment on their “pork busters” program.  Commonwealth residents are urged to email mass.stimwatch@gmail.com for tips on any pork barrel projects happening in Massachusetts as a result of the federal stimulus program.

        A graphic of potential pork projects included my alma mater of UMass Dartmouth had something like $11 million in window replacements & solar panel installations for a pool.  UMass Lowell also had a project on the list.

        Steve Doocy had a little difficulty pronouncing deMacedo and well, the big pink pig mascot tossing and rolling around in money was a little funny.