What Webs Gov. Patrick Will Weave When Trying to Deceive

Contradicting a series of steadfast denials, internal e-mails show that Governor Deval Patrick’s top aides controlled the appointment of state Senator Marian Walsh to a high-paying job at a state authority, from setting her salary to crafting her job description.

They also provided the agency’s talking points for the news media in an attempt to quell a public uproar.

“I’m going to send you a proposed job description from [Patrick chief of staff Doug Rubin] soon,” Patrick senior adviser Jay Gonzalez told the two top officials at the Massachusetts Health and Education Facilities Authority in a March 11 e-mail.

As of late this week, one of those officials, HEFA chairman Allen Larson, continued to say that the push to hire Walsh came from the authority.


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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I think the next GOP candidate for Governor ought to run on the same campaign of change that Devalue Patrick did.

    “Change we can believe in”

  • He’s easily the worst governor this state has seen since Dukakis. Look forward to making him an EX-Governor even if that means voting for Grace Ross (joking). This man is a complete and utter failure. Unfortunately, this news may be coming a year too soon. He may yet pull out of this tailspin, but I am most hopeful that he will not.