Update on Marian Walsh: New Job has been vacant for 12 years

How naive of me.  I thought it couldn’t get any worse under Deval Patrick.  I thought we reached the lowest of lows we were going to see under the guvernor.  But the appointment of Marian Walsh to the Assistant Executive Directorship of an agency I didn’t even know existed takes the cake.  No the outrageous salary isn’t what has me utterly disgusted. I’m used to hacks being paid for do nothing jobs.  What really has me fired up is that the job has been vacant for twelve, that’s right twelve, years.  This is absolutely absurd.

The job has been vacant for 12 years. The appointment of Walsh, 54, a Democratic state senator from West Roxbury, was revealed amid news of a $1 billion state deficit while Patrick continued his vacation in Jamaica.

“We’re facing a fiscal crisis and he’s giving away a $175,000 job,” said House Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-North Reading). “This was vacant for several years. Why do we need it now?”

The only bright spot in all of this?  Supposedly according to the Herald the plum position will not affect Marian Walsh’s pension, as this alphabet soup agency is quasi-public.  They don’t supposedly partake in the state pension system.  I however don’t doubt Marian will try to finagle a pension bump somehow.

Deval Patrick sure is NO ORDINARY LEADER!

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