Treasurer Tim Cahill Looking to Upgrade to Governor in 2010?

State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill is giving serious consideration to running for governor next year, either in a challenge to Deval Patrick for the Democratic nomination or possibly as an independent candidate, advisers to Cahill said recently.

Cahill will complete a serious assessment by Labor Day to decide what political route he will follow, first looking at his chances of wresting the nomination from Patrick as a conservative Democrat in a primary typically dominated by liberal voters. The other choice, said some of those advisers, is for Cahill to position himself as a fiscal conservative and run as an independent in the general election, skipping any primary campaign.

Cahill, in a telephone interview yesterday, said that he has made no decisions about his future and that he has not discussed his potential plans with what he referred to as his political committee. But he did not close the door on any options.

“Unless the party throws me out, I expect to run as a Democrat, if I run,” Cahill said. He also pointed out his sometimes rough relationship with party leaders and activists since he first ran for treasurer in 2002, adding, “If the Democrats throw me out, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”…

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