The MassGOP’s New Web Ad: “Tax Happy”

Dear RedMassGroup,

Last week a group of committed activists like yourself rallied in front of the State House to protest Governor Deval Patrick’s gas tax hike.

The people of Massachusetts are sick and tired of higher taxes to feed waste and corruption in state government.

We can’t afford the highest gas tax in the nation.

Massachusetts families need someone to stand up and fight for them. That’s why the Massachusetts Republican Party is keeping the heat on Governor Patrick and his liberal allies. I see that EaBo has already posted it (Thanks!), but here again is a copy of our new web ad, “Tax Happy.”:


I hope everyone here will forward this web ad to a friend to raise awareness of Governor Patrick’s broken promises.

Governor Patrick ran for office promising lower taxes, and now, when families can least afford it, he is raising taxes. This web ad clearly shows how Governor Patrick has broken the promises made by Candidate Patrick.

I need your help defending Massachusetts families, so spread the word!

All your efforts will help us fight Governor Patrick’s gas tax hike and his liberal agenda.

Yours in Victory,

Jennifer A. Nassour, Chairman

Massachusetts Republican Party

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