The Democratic Party’s Political and Financial Assassination of Sarah Palin

Politics ain’t bean bag and sometimes it can get down right mean, however, what is currently going on is Alaska is beyond the pale.

Demoocrat Party operatives are filing complaints of alleged ethics violation after ethics violation against Palin. The end result is now the Palin family is in serious financial jeopardy. I have no idea why palin is not retaliating. Look at the corrupt and despicable vermin such as Daschle, Dodd, Frank, Rangel, Hastings, etc that swim in the Washington cesspit.  The democrat who perfected this tactic is one Danid Bonoir, another congressional gem that I wouldn’t walk across the street to urinate on his combusting body. Bonoir has been using the tactic of alleging ethics violations to smear opponents. Granted this is an old political trick used by both parties and politicians immemorial, however Bonoir brings it to a new level. I can only hope that Bonoir gets caught with his hands in the till, which I suspect is only a matter of time.

The bottom line: The Democrat’s are terrified of Sarah Palin and want her dead!

These people’s aim is most assuredly not political. Frivolous charge-filers Andree McLeod, Zane Henning, Linda Kellen Biegel, etc. are affiliated with a group of liberals (how many on the “Journolist”, I wonder?) who went to Palin’s hometown of Wasilla immediately after she was tapped for the VP spot and dubbed themselves the “Wasilla Project” with the sole purpose of ensuring any and all manner of slander, innuendo and libel against Palin was publicized on YouTube and from there would hopefully make it into the mainstream media. Henning (who claims to be a “conservative”) and McLeod (who is a “registered Republican”) feature prominently in their videos in “interviews” repeating the Alaska Democratic Party’s campaign talking points on Palin on cue.

McLeod, Henning, Biegel and others like them have discovered, however, that no matter how frivolous their charges, no matter how far-fetched, no matter how bone-headed stupid, the Governor would still have to legally defend herself against them – meaning she’ll have to pay attorney fees as she goes before the Personnel Board. And so they have gotten down to business, and like David Bonoir against Gingrich, they’ve been filing ethics complaint after ethics complaint against Governor Palin, but this time with her bankruptcy in mind.

Palin is now owing the law firm she has been forced to retain to answer this storm of ethics charges over half a million dollars since September – and note that her annual salary as Governor of Alaska is only $125,000 with Todd Palin making about $86,000 as both a fisherman and an oil worker – with more of these suits and ethics charges being promised by these bottom feeders and others like them.

The Campaign To Bankrupt The Palin Family

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Tuesday, March 24th at 5:21PM EDT…

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