Newton Hippies’ Midlife Crisis Enters Sixth Year

Do you look back fondly on that summer in 67′ when you went to war protests to score with some loose hippie chicks? Or maybe instead of chasing smelly and poorly groomed tail you were chasing smelly and potent drugs? (Don’t lie because EVERYONE was there for the drugs, even the COINTELPRO operatives.)

Oh sure, you joined other movements over the years but nothing was as exciting as smoking some good weed and nailing Sunshine Flower-Star in the back of a VW Microbus on your way to a teach-in.

If you really miss those groovy days you can join up with some old people from Newton, Arlington and other evil communist enclaves next Thursday in Watertown Square for a love-in or something. I am sure you’ll be able to score some British Columbian Viagra. They’re pissed off at their guru, Barack Obama, too.

(Boston Globe Story)  

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