My GOP by Jeffrey Davis Perry

I pre-ordered My GOP by Rep. Jeff Perry and have barely been able to put it down (do I HAVE to go to work?!).  Seriously, I recommend that all my fellow Massachusetts Republicans, and yes my independent unenrolled friends and even Democrats, read this book!

My GOP by Jeffrey Davis Perry

It is time for Republicans to get back to the principles of Ronald Reagan

Dear Friends,

With growing frequency, Republicans seem to be losing their way along the path of conservatism. This is not due to the lack of a worthy national Party platform or because of a seismic shift by the country to the left. From my view and experiences, it emanates from a lack of political leaders who are willing to stand on principle, and a growing number of American people who more and more want government to take care of their every need or desire. The good news, at least for now, is that these people are still in the minority (yes, I really do believe this).

In the 329 pages of my book, I reflect on the last two election cycles, discuss why people don’t change political parties even when they no longer reflect their own values, and I outline our proud Republican history. I also discuss the issues I believe Republicans should be addressing, such as illegal immigration, real welfare reform, honoring the will of the voters and of course, the growing size and scope of government.

My time serving as a conservative Republican in this liberal Commonwealth has given me the opportunity to have many interesting experiences and develop a unique perspective of the future of the Republican Party. I hope you will be interested in reading my thoughts in “My GOP.”



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