Massachusetts Unemployment Continues to Rise.…  

While the nation (and world) is experiencing a recession, Massachusetts under one party Democratic rule continues to do the worst job at handling it.  

  • Massachusetts January unemployment reached 7.4%.
  • This is an increase of a full percent over December's rate of 6.4%.
  • This is the highest level since June 1993.

Many people in Massachusetts are struggling.  Many people are getting laid off.  Those who are not often face pay cuts or lost overtime.  What do the Democrats have to offer on Beacon Hill?

  • Higher regressive taxes on working families.
  • Punishing commuters with higher taxes on gas and increased tolls.
  • Inflation cuased by taxes on production and unchecked spending.
  • Highest per capita debt in the nation.
  • Unfunded mandates coupled with massive cuts in local aid.
  • Pay raises for Beacon Hill insiders on your Dime.

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    Payroll figures due out later today will show an increase in the national unemployment numbers from 7.6% to 7.9%, which is the highest unemployment rate since 1984 and possibly the largest monthly increase since 1949.  Read more here:

    From a recent Boston Business Journal story we read:

    The construction and real estate industry continued to lead the way in job losses as both commercial and residential projects have ground to a halt statewide.

    Developers stop building homes and offices when the demand drops for real estate.  So I ask our liberal friends – why bother having our tax dollars finance construction through government spending programs when there is no one capable or willing to buy?  Aren’t we really just adding to the supply of homes and offices that AREN’T selling now?  Even public offices and classrooms at state colleges is worthless when students aren’t capable of affording the tuition due to parental job loss.

    What the economy needs is demand for products – all products.  Demand will come when people feel safe about spending money.  People will feel safe when their jobs are not at risk.  Their jobs are not at risk when customers are demanding products and services.  A vicious circle no doubt, but demand can not be created artificially.  No amount of government spending will cause anyone to feel as though their job is safe.  In fact, additional government spending raises taxes on business such that people’s jobs are less stable.  It is important to know that job creation must occur in the private sector to help the economy – not the public sector.

    Obama and Deval Patrick think that building bridges and adding lanes to highways will increase demand for consumable goods – it won’t.  Will it create jobs – sure, but unfortunately the kind of jobs that last as long as it takes to build the bridge.  Worse yet, the temporary jobs will be taken by people who previously were employed elsewhere as computer programmers, retailers, restuarant workers, nurses, landscapers, electricians, etc.  It creates a temporary workforce of relatively lower skilled employees.  It is easier to work a shovel than it is a computer.  That is a bad workforce to create and one that leads eventually back to unemployment.