Massachusetts Unemployment Continues to Rise.…  

While the nation (and world) is experiencing a recession, Massachusetts under one party Democratic rule continues to do the worst job at handling it.  

  • Massachusetts January unemployment reached 7.4%.
  • This is an increase of a full percent over December's rate of 6.4%.
  • This is the highest level since June 1993.

Many people in Massachusetts are struggling.  Many people are getting laid off.  Those who are not often face pay cuts or lost overtime.  What do the Democrats have to offer on Beacon Hill?

  • Higher regressive taxes on working families.
  • Punishing commuters with higher taxes on gas and increased tolls.
  • Inflation cuased by taxes on production and unchecked spending.
  • Highest per capita debt in the nation.
  • Unfunded mandates coupled with massive cuts in local aid.
  • Pay raises for Beacon Hill insiders on your Dime.

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