Republicans for Selectman in Local Contested Races!

(So, VESuggestions gathered the names of several Republicans running for local office. We added the links for websites if there were any. Check out some of them and donate or something.

If anyone can find a Republican running for Dog Catcher or Animal Warden or Animal Control Officer I will give you $1.   – promoted by garrett3000)

These are candidates in local TOWN elections that are held in the Spring of 2009.

Please add candidates in the comments section as needed and we’ll update the list. If we’re up to it and really bored we might sort the candidates by position.

Grassroots starts here:

Donald MacKenzie – Acton

Dewitt (Clint) Seward – Acton

Avril T. Elkort – Canton

Robert W. Carney – Dartmouth

Michael P. Watson – Dartmouth

Brian Penney – East Bridgewater

Ron Cutler – East Longmeadow

Joe Townshend – East Longmeadow

Richard Arruda – Kingston

Elaine Fiore – Kingston

Stephen James McKinnon – Middleborough

Whiting “Whitey” Willauer – Nantucket

Tony Lista – Natick

Joan F. Marchitto North – Attleborough

Christopher L. Sweet – North Attleborough

Mark S. Kittredge – Randolph

James S. Madden – Randolph

Christopher P. Morra, Sr. Rehoboth

Ryan Fattman Sutton

Alfred C. Reich – Dudley

Nancy Runkle – Dudley

Armand D. Aparo – Rockport

Wendellf Jacques – Rockport

James W. Tomaszewski – Norfolk

Matthew D. Borrelli – Needham

James F. Kane -Shrewsbury

Andrew MacIsaac – Shrewsbury

Brian Major – Andover

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