LIVE BLOG of NECN Live Town Hall/Library/Twitter Forum With Deval

I am showing up late to the party because I lost my wallet. Losing your wallet sucks…anyway on with the fiesta! We would be ripping off the Popular Kids with CoverItLive but we’re having embedding difficulties.

So, if you want to get it on asking the governor a question send him one on twitter @massgovernor (no not @DevalPatrick because someone parked that one) and use the hashtag #townmeeting

RD Sahl, another guy on the twitter who knows something about Boston news, is moderating.

7:36pm – Ok, so local blogger Dave Atkins is asking Deval about why dealing with the unemployment office sucks so much.

7:39pm – Question about SSI and MassHealth for disabled 26 year old.

7:40pm -I submitted a question about Property Tax Relief.

7:41pm – Culinary arts question. Wow. You want to be a cook…in a recession. Smaht career choice.

7:43pm – Jackass gets wise asking about increasing gas tax. Deval makes lame joke about leaving.

7:43pm – “Nothing is sacred about raising the Mass Turnpike tolls.” ORLY DEVAL?

7:44pm – “19 cents is a lot to ask of people right now.” That bites for Mike Widmer.

7:45pm – We could’ve had a 73 cent gas tax he says.  

7:46pm – The reason we can’t have buses run later is because you pay drivers too much.

7:47pm – Crowd is IN THE TANK!!!11!1!

7:48pm – Shit my chicken is burning…and I just spilled my beer. Not cool.


7:50pm – Deval makes me feel so at ease.

7:50pm – YES! Cranky old ladies want to know about “seniors”

7:51pm – Make work job? The job wasn’t filled for 12 years so obv. it wasn’t important. Was this another one of those “nationwide searches” Give me a break.

7:52pm – Anyway, this defense is classic.

7:53pm RD Sahl is not in the tank.

7:56pm – Question about some social work bill thing.

7:57pm – Can we solve this budget shortfall problem with about a tax increase? Deval Patrick just committed to not raising the sales or income tax.

See ya kids.  

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