Jim Aloisi Is Pissed Off

While this blogger was out drinking his face off and celebrating his Irish heritage on Evacuation Day St. Patrick’s Day the Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Jim Aloisi was making a complete ass of himself over on the popular kids’ blog.

Already under fire for saying crazy retarded things off the record and acting like a dick on the record, Aloisi decided to go completely mental over a Boston Globe article that called his sister, Carol Aloisi, fat, lazy, and ugly. Carol, who states that she is the Secretary of the Massachusetts Democratic Party on her Plaxo page, had a job where her “title was chief of staff, but she had no staff and reported to no one.”  

She had a massive falling out with Rep.Cheryl Coakley-Rivera in 2005 because she was hurt on the job more than Pervis Ellison. When the Globe reported that she made over $60,000 a year to sit around and hum pencils into the ceiling at the State House that was just too much for Jim and a blood vessel popped in his massive head. He just couldn’t take it anymore so he ran to his laptop and start bitching away about those soon-to-be-out-of-work jerks at the Boston Globe.  

I didn’t think that it was ever appropriate for the press or others to take shots at me through members of my family, but it seems that the rules of the game have changed.  Today’s Globe story about my sister was filled with misleading and inaccurate information.  In short, she has worked for the House of Representatives with an unblemished record since 2003.  She has been a leader in the state Democratic party for many years. …I do want to say that my sister has a strong work ethic and, since she left that legislator’s office, has repeatedly and in writing asked for a prompt re-assignment. The Globe story was unfair and inaccurate and clearly designed to take a shot at me through her. That story was disgraceful.

Way to stick up for your sister Jim! Who the hell is the Globe to report a story on a hack’s hack sister? Aren’t they supposed to be completely in the tank for the Moonbat-Hack Coalition? He goes on to talk about how we need reform and revenue or revenue and revenue or revenue and revenue and revenue.  Oh, did you know that all the roads with potholes and trains filled with dirty old wannabe Jimmy Marzillis are solely the fault of Bill Weld and that Mormon guy?

Since 1991, we experienced year after year of ignoring the problem, or sweeping it under the rug with one-time gimmicks (swaptions). Now we have an Administration that has the courage to act and to tell people the truth, and I am grateful to be a part of that effort. As I have said, the times require leadership, the people demand leadership, and we are providing leadership.  Our bill contains strong reforms and represents the greenest, most forward-looking vision of transportation policy we have seen in a long, long time.

He closes saying that we need to stop the personal attacks and be nice. He makes a plea for yiz to make your voice heard in support of his effort to raise taxes and tolls. He is “working hard everyday to make that happen” because he doesn’t want to take after his layabout sister.  

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