Jeremy Jacobs: GOP on Offense in 2010…

  • The Democrats have crushed us in back-to-back elections. Most of the "vulnerable" Republicans have already lost during the last 2 cycles.
  • In contrast "vulnerable" Democrats have been kept afloat, or swept into office as part of a national tide.    
  • NRCC has "only" $6.5 million in debt while the DCCC has $16.4 million.  

The program has grown to 40 members for the 2010 cycle, up from 34 in 2008. Of those 40 Democrats, 18 are in districts that McCain carried last year. And of those 18, 11 members won last year with 55 percent of the vote or less.

Those Democrats are: John Boccieri (Ohio), Bobby Bright (Ala.), Travis Childers (Miss.), Kathy Dahlkemper (Pa.), Gabrielle Giffords (Ariz.), Parker Griffith (Ala.), Frank Kratovil (Md.), Eric Massa (N.Y.), Walt Minnick (Idaho), Harry Mitchell (Ariz.) and Tom Perriello (Va.).

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