Jain for Auditor campaign organizing now

(One of the few guys I know who actually enjoys reading the state budget “line by line.”

We got one 2010 candidate to announce on RMG. Will Charlie Baker or Michael Sullivan be next?   – promoted by garrett3000)

Hello Friends,

Since the November 2008 election I have been talking to people around the state about my thoughts of running for Massachusetts State Auditor.  Their enthusiasm and support have been exciting…and humbling.

The time for contemplation is over and the task is now at hand.  I have decided to run for Auditor as an Independent candidate in the 2010 election, and am currently organizing the campaign.

Government transparency is the cornerstone of my campaign, and is an issue which transcends party lines.  It is my sincere wish that we can work together, regardless of party affiliations and labels, and bring transparency to Beacon Hill.

I am running to win.

At this time I am looking for people to help with various aspects of the campaign, such as electronic outreach and community-building.  Of urgency is the need to find a campaign chair so that the committee can be organized and the campaign begin to move.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in getting involved, please let me know.

My name is Kamal Jain, and I am running for Massachusetts State Auditor.  May I have your vote and your help?


Kamal Jain

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