GOP Caucus Listening Tour Begins!

On Monday, March 16 at the Auburn Town Hall in the selectmen’s room at 104 Central St. starting at 7 p.m. the Republican members of the House will be hosting a so called hardship listening tour on taxes, tolls and fees.  The event is hosted and sponsored by myself, Rep. George Peterson, Rep. Lew Evangelidis and Rep. Karyn Polito.

These events will be held across the state and the one in Auburn is for Central Mass. At this event we are looking for people to attend and tell us what they think about the Governor’s tax proposals including increasing the state gas tax by 19 cents a gallon. As the media will be attending we are seeking input from residents and businesses in Central Mass.

For those who do not wish to speak we will have a petition on site to sign which is opposed to the gas tax increase and will have some sort of comment section where individuals may leave a short message or list other taxes they also oppose. These petitions will be brought to the Governor, Speaker and Senate President.

In fairness there will be petition available for anyone who wishes to sign up in favor of the gas tax increase. I trust however the overwhelming number will sign the one opposing.

If you oppose the tax proposals of the Governor you will want to show up in force.  We are hearing about groups and others who may show up in favor of the tax increases at our hearings and will attempt to speak out for them. All we be allowed to speak within the two hour meeting as it is open to the public.

We are looking for all residents of the region and any business owners or other organizations who may wish to show up and testify and express their feelings on the gas tax and other taxes.

The Republicans want your input to use in our debates on Beacon Hill and of course want to show the leaders on Beacon Hill what we expect will be an overwhelming showing against the gas tax increase….

Spread the word.

   -Rep. Paul Frost

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