Fraud of the Day? Michael Widmer

Michael Widmer of the Massachusetts Taxpayer’scollector’s Foundation is an absolute fraud.  His organization is a front for the power-brokers on beacon hill and he knows it. Yet he continues to say he has the taxpayer’s interest at heart.  Well as the Boston Herald lays out today, he’s a highly paid shill for the Beacon Hill culture as well.

Bay State working families are bracing for a wallet-crippling gas-tax increase, but five nonprofit executives pushing for a 25-cents-a-gallon hike won’t personally feel the pinch as they all earn six-figure salaries, with some enjoying company cars and gas reimbursement.

Michael Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, supports the drive to hike the gas tax even higher than Gov. Deval Patrick’s 19-cents-a-gallon proposal. Widmer rakes in $375,000 a year in salary, $19,000 in benefits and deferred compensation and was paid $2,837 for expenses, according to 2007 IRS filings. Widmer said his compensation includes a car allowance and reimbursement for fuel expenses.

The article in the Herald goes on to list the heads of other non-profits that also rake in big bucks while trying to stick it to working-families.  

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