Fiddling While The Economy Burns, The Democrats Obsession With Rush Limbaugh

From Ed Morrissey at HotAir;


While the markets have lost 18%  20% of their value in the six weeks of his leadership, all Democrats can talk about is Rush.  Newspapers and media have followed suit, and so have the blogs.  Usually excellent sites like The Moderate Voice and Political Machine have turned themselves into almost nothing but anti-Limbaugh sites, where Jazz Shaw’s light satire of the trend gets completely subsumed in the overwhelming focus on someone who has no direct power on policy or enforcement.  Instead of focusing attention on the real policy leaders in Washington — all Democrats — whose every move has received a resounding vote of no confidence from investors, they have allowed themselves to get distracted by a deliberate strategy of misdirection originating in the highest levels of the White House…    

…It’s reminiscent of Nixon’s enemies list, and it comes from the supposed messiah of Hope and Change.      

Rush Limbaugh provides commentary, criticism, analysis, and entertainment, not political leadership, as Rush himself would attest.  He has an audience of 20 million people, which makes attacks on him by people like Michael Steele and other Republicans rather stupid.  Instead of dividing the Right, they would do better to act as Bobby Jindal did and find ways to unite the Right.  But with Republicans out of power, this is mere sideshow.  It’s a circus provided by Democrats to cover up their economic incompetence and massively ineffective spending programs.  It’s also a harbinger of things to come as this administration fumbles one issue after another, as they will only need to expand the personal attacks against critics rather than respond to the criticism itself.

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