Deval Patrick’s $2.5M Communications Team

With a budget that is facing mounting deficits, and economy that is tanking, and the Governor looking to increase taxes to cover it all, how do we get the news about his actions?  Through a $2.5M, 33 employee Executive Office of Communications that’s how.  The Lowell Sun is reporting.

With the state’s budget in turmoil and Gov. Deval Patrick facing tough decisions on where to cut back services, public employees who get paid to deliver the bad news are doing just fine.

Paid to spin and brand Patrick’s message, the executive office boasts a communications staff of 33 employees, hauling in nearly $2.5 million a year.

They represent everyone from the governor and cabinet secretaries to MassHighway and the Sex Offender Registry Board.

What’s it gonna be Deval, your 33 person communications crew, or your DC office?  Oh that’s right you get to keep both and stick me with a $0.19 per gallon gas tax to pay for it!  

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