Deja-Vu: Mihos Again?

(To those people who are wondering who the Angelic One is here is something he wrote last year. Prophetic?   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Has Christy Mihos fired a salvo in a possible 2010 run for Massachusetts governor? Hub Politics reprinted ten (10) key points of an editorial Mihos had recently published in a Cape Cod newspaper:

1. No more talk of a gas tax hike. The plan the Governor put forth would tax us $650 million-forever plus is subject to a cost of living increase. Runaway inflation is coming.

2. Forget the Governor’s toll hike. Your Turnpike Board raised tolls in January 2008 in accordance with the Big Dig Finance Plan to cover the debt service. The next mandated toll hike comes in January 2014. Follow through on my 2003 Plan to sell the 11 service plazas and terminate all tolls west of Route 128. Immediately you will give those users a $120 million benefit-they’ve earned it. Terminate the MTA and merge all other transportation agencies.

3. Terminate all talk of the tax hikes you put forward last month. All are regressive and hurt us all.

4. Cut the Meals Tax to ZERO. It’s $645 million per annum but the industry is on life support systems now. Closed restaurants do not pay property taxes and the job losses in this sector are vexing.

5. Pass legislation to abolish the health insurance middle-men. BC/BS, Harvard Community, Tufts, all of them produce nothing and they have been instrumental in the double digit healthcare cost increases for decades. Our Doctors and Hospitals are clearly competent to manage our healthcare system.

6. Terminate the Death Tax and Capital Gains Taxes. People are moving out of our state to avoid taxes and nothing is selling so be pro-active and declare that Massachusetts welcomes capital formation, and stabilize our population.

7. Terminate 8,000 state jobs. Government is the only sector that has not right-sized. The 79,000 jobs the Governor represent the Washington stimulus will create can be augmented with the cut in the state government workforce.

8. Do not hire another individual who utilizes the revolving door to enhance their PENSION. Aloisi, Simon, Mulhern, and so many more make a mockery of public service.

9. Pass Legislation to cap all credit card interest fees to 5 points over Fed. Funds. These businesses are all Banks in essence and their rates are clearly usury.

10. Most Important-Pass Legislation to create the Massachusetts Office of Special Prosecutor with unlimited powers to protect us from the corrupt, as they will see the Federal Bailout as another feeding frenzy. The State Ethics Commission is feckless. AG Martha Coakley is off on another self promotion for Senate so she’s through.

I’m not fond of what Mihos did as an “independent” candidate back in 2006. His motivation back then was to take his revenge against Mitt Romney via Kerry Healey (too long a story to repeat here). Mihos contributed to Deval Patrick’s victory (but not by much). The state GOP & its activists have every right to be angry with him for what he did in 2006. Should they remain angry with Mihos today – or even next year?

Mihos is still the 900 pound gorilla who could be a significant problem in the upcoming election cycle IF he’s serious about running again as an “independent” candidate. Voters won’t care that his actions hurt the GOP. In fact, the nature of his maverick candidacy might resonate with them after suffering buyer’s remorse over Deval Patrick (IF Patrick runs for re-election) – especially IF the state’s fiscal condition worsens by 2010.

Mihos could make a credible argument to the voters that only an outsider like himself can turn things around. But in order for his arguments to have any traction, he MUST have a slate of like-minded legislative candidates running in concert with him. There’s no way he can ever hope to achieve a third of the actions he outlined in his editorial unless he has the aforementioned legislative candidates winning in 2010 & ready to help him carry out his agenda. To obtain any hope of victory, Mihos HAS to run as a Republican & HAS to assist the party in recruiting good legislative candidates who can help make his reform goals possible should said candidates get elected. In the final analysis, Mihos the Prodigal Son has to return to the GOP fold, ask forgiveness, & demonstrate his repentance by assisting the party by all means necessary.

The state GOP & its activists will have to decide what action(s) need to be taken if Mihos decides to run as a Republican for 2010. If they shun him, Mihos can once more run as an “independent” & hurt the GOP yet again. If the party tolerates Mihos’ company but support another Republican gubernatorial candidate (like, say, Charlie Baker) in the GOP primary, the post-primary fallout will depend on Mihos’ perception of how he was treated by the party (which, in turn, will determine what his course of action will be in the general election). No matter how you slice it, the state GOP & its activists will have to negotiate some kind of accord with Mihos. Mihos, in turn, should take the initiative to preemptively launch such a negotiation with the party as a good faith gesture. Accommodation doesn’t mean endorsement – that’s for Republican voters to decide. But if both sides can reach an accommodation that each side can live with, the arrangement should help unify the party by the time 2010 rolls around & avoid the internal divisiveness which contributed to the GOP’s failure in 2006.

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