Campaign Fundraising in Tough Economic Times

If money is the mother’s milk of politics, this may be a season of crash diets or even malnutrition for some candidates.

Massachusetts political operatives and elected officials say the cratering economy is hitting them, too, because campaign contributors are more tight-fisted.

“People are saying, in large numbers: ‘Timeout. Call on me next quarter or in the fall,’ ” said Steven Grossman, a prolific Democratic fund-raiser from Newton and past chairman of the state and national party. “Political contributions are the most discretionary expenditures an individual can make. If people maxed out last year, they’re giving half this year.”

Compared with businesses, which can offer fabulous deals to entice consumers to part with their increasingly precious dollars, politicians have few tools to change the dynamic. What additional inducement to write checks can a politician offer supporters – an extra dessert with the rubber chicken at fund-raising dinners?…

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