Beacon Hill Blame Game

When I left as governor, we had almost $3 billion in the Rainy Day Fund and things were going quite well in Massachusetts,” Cellucci said. “Yes, we had 16 years of Republican governors but also 16 years of an overwhelmingly Democratic Legislature. To try and put the blame on any one party doesn’t seem too productive.”

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Wrentham), who co-sponsored the Attleboro forum, called the Democratic blame game “amusing.”

“They have an 85 percent advantage (in the Legislature) and they control all the purse strings,” Brown said.…

Echoing Cellucci, Romney spokesman Eric Fehrmstrom noted that when Mitt left the corner office that the economy was creating thousands of jobs & the budget was balanced.

Eric Fehrnstrom, an aide to former Gov. Mitt Romney, said Romney and other GOP governors tried to rein in spending but were thwarted by the Democratic Legislature. Romney sought to ax $450 million from the state budget in his final days in office but the spending was restored by Patrick.…

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  • sjfern20

    Has no to blame but itself for the budget fiasco. They passed a budget in July after Bear Sterns collapsed and said it is in balance because the economy will grow. Instead of cutting the actual waste like all the state agencies and overhead. They act like fools. They don’t fix the problem slash local aid (after the NOV election) and keep in place a myriad of unfunded mandates on the cities and towns. The state budget is 28 billion dollars if they can’t learn to say no to the special interests. Why are they saying no to the municipalities that actually need the money.That is incompetence. Time to vote them out