Barack Obama – Cheapskate President

Haven’t heard much about this story now floating around the Internet.  It has now been confirmed to our disgrace.

Our esteemed President Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama was so delighted to entertain British PM Gordon Brown recently that he produced a very special ceremonial gift.  As you know it is customary for heads-of-state to exchange gifts when they entertain each other for diplomatic purposes.

Details of the gift exchange:

PM Gordon Brown gave President Obama the following:

Mr Brown’s gifts included an ornamental desk pen holder made from the oak timbers of Victorian anti-slaver HMS Gannet, once named HMS President.

Mr Obama was so delighted he has already put it in pride of place in the Oval Office on the Resolute desk which was carved from timbers of Gannet’s sister ship, HMS Resolute.

Another treasure given to the U.S. President was the framed commission for HMS Resolute, a vessel that came to symbolise Anglo-US peace when it was saved from ice packs by Americans and given to Queen Victoria.

Finally, Mr Brown gave a first edition set of the seven-volume classic biography of Churchill by Sir Martin Gilbert.  Brown also brought Obama’s daughters a gracious gift as well.

In exchange President Obama gave PM Gordon Brown the following:

Gordon Brown has been given a collection of 25 classic American films on DVD as his official gift from Barack Obama.

It should be noted that the DVDs were the wrong format for British DVD players, but that is okay because Brown is not a movie buff anyway.

As Hotair confirmed this story here:…

it was noted that these 25 DVD sets can be bought on Amazon at deeply discounted prices.

Alas, when the PM settled down to begin watching them the other night, he found there was a problem.  The films only worked in DVD players made in North America and the words “wrong region” came up on his screen. Although he mournfully had to put the popcorn away, he is unlikely to jeopardise the special relationship – or “special partnership”, as we are now supposed to call it – by registering a complaint…

A White House spokesman sniggered when I put the story to him and he was still looking into the matter when my deadline came last night.

By the way, when Obama’s unlikely gift was disclosed, a reader emailed me to ask if Clueless was among the films. Funnily enough, it was not.

Billions for his campaign supporting pals in bankrupt banks, $39.95 for a set of cheap movies on Amazon for the British Prime Minister.

“Change we can believe in”

Maybe it was a regift?????

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